The Company

PCB design, board making, patch and material one-stop hardware innovation platform,
shorten the customer research and development cycle, convenient and worry-saving.


First. Technical establishment

Technology is the fundamental survival and flourishing era, talent shows itself in the fierce competition in the era of prosperity sword, technical elite team and R amp; D to build a solid business foundation; in the brand strategy under the...

Two, auxiliary service

The customer is the ultimate pursuit of the era of prosperity, enthusiasm, and thoughtful service for the technology of icing on the cake if the technology is exquisite, the root, the service is in the water under the water, nourish the tree...

                                     Three. Market positioning

The market is the sole criterion for testing the viability of the enterprise, the era of prosperity with its own industry qualification and technical ability, adopt a comprehensive coverage target strategy, comprehensive coverage of all type...

Four, ideological extension

The action comes from the thought, thought comes from the wisdom of the era of prosperity development foundation, intellectual gathering, flourishing era - satisfied brand elite seek common good, create a more brilliant future era of prosper...

KML provides PCBA services for PCB Layout, PCB manufacturing,
 component procurement, Turnkey PCB, testing, assembly and delivery for customers worldwide.