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Hardware Engineer | Hardware Engineer

Hands-on background:Unlimited Minimum education:Junior College

Job responsibilities:

1.According to customer requirements, develop project plans, design and develop hardware products that meet functional, performance requirements and quality standards
2.According to the requirements of the project, design detailed schematic and PCB diagram
3.Responsible for component selection and evaluation
4.Develop hardware test plan, responsible for hardware debugging and system integration

Job requirements:

1.With hardware design and debugging experience, hardware system architecture design experience is preferred, have the ability to work independently, have strong ability to analyze and solve problems
2.Good analog and Digital Circuit Fundamentals, familiar with analog circuits, analog to digital conversion and interface design
3.Independent analysis, problem solving, good team work spirit, communication and cooperation ability and professionalism
4.Strong knowledge of signal integrity, EMC knowledge and multilayer high-speed PCB panel design is preferred

Hardware software engineer | Soft Hardware Engineer

Hands-on background:1 - 3 years Minimum education: Unlimited

Job requirements:

1. Major in electronics, automation, English four level;
2. Familiar with circuit design, can be analyzed independently, master microcontroller program architecture, master microcontroller C language development, familiar with PORTEL, DXP, PADS pcblayout software, a high-level language (C++) programming experience is preferred; experience and more than 2 years;
3. Skilled in digital circuit, analog circuit priority, microcontroller programming, 51 series or ARM series controller programming priority. Proficient in the use of communication protocols, UI controls, applications, file literacy, and data processing;
4. Be able to work independently on requirement decomposition, design and reasonable control of schedule; strong ability of analysis and operation, quick and effective detection of defects in product, strong ability of signal analysis;
5. Have a good understanding of the reliability of electronic products; familiar with EMC analysis and testing of electronic products;
6. Careful and careful, strong team spirit and good communication skills;
7. Experience in wireless communication, Bluetooth related projects is preferred

Electrical Engineer Assistant | Electronic Engineer Assistant

Work experience: Unlimited Minimum education: Junior College

Job requirements:

1. Proficiency in ProteI99 pads related EDA software, proficient in digital circuits and Analog Circuit Fundamentals。
2. Be familiar with soldering iron, air gun, repair platform, welding, familiar with multimeter, oscilloscope and other related instruments for circuit signal analysis。
3. Strong hands-on ability, independent analysis of circuit principle and PCB circuit diagram, welding and debugging of prototype。
4. I hope to be engaged in the design and development of electronic circuits. I would like to start from the grass roots and eventually become an engineer of * * *。
5. If you are a fresh graduate, you have priority in Electronic Design Competition。
6. Have a strong sense of responsibility, willing to bear hardships and stand hard work, passion, motivation and initiative, honest, trustworthy and team work spirit。

PCB Designer | PCB designer

Number of recruiters

Job requirements:

1、 College degree or above in electronics, computer science or related field;
2、 More than two years PCB design experience;
3、 Good knowledge of digital circuit and analog circuit, good circuit analysis ability;
4、 Familiar with PCB design process, able to work independently on PCB circuit board design;
5、 Proficient in the use of protel99se/protelDXP, PowerPCB and other circuit design software;
6、 Be able to focus on the development of the electronics industry, work carefully and conscientiously, and have the mentality and ability to study independently。
(The position is only for women, the post development space. At the same time the company recruitment positions are: computer graphics staff, PCBLAYOUT, PCB, copy board, PCB design)

online marketing

Number of recruiters

Job requirements:

1、Computer, electronics and related bachelor degree or above, major in electronic commerce, with 1 years working experience in website promotion;
2、Familiar with the Internet industry, be familiar with the network popularization of main mode (have a successful promotion experience and Internet resources, such as webmaster resources, network resources, network media resources such as preferred);
3、Familiar with shops, BBS, communities, blogs, podcasts, QQ, MSN, emerging network functions, such as dating circles interested in search engine ranking algorithm. On advertising alliance, search engines, web site navigation station, such as client software marketing channels have a deeper understanding;
4、Savvy high, strong innovation consciousness, learning ability is strong, love the Internet industry
5、Work initiative, a strong sense of responsibility, has the team cooperation spirit
6、College graduated is also welcome

Computer mainboard maintenance worker | Computer mainboard maintenance worker

Number of recruiters

Job requirements:

1、Electronic or computer related specialty, solid knowledge of digital circuit theory, strong circuit analysis ability, practical ability, skilled in using oscilloscope, bridge, network tester and other testing tools;
2、More than 4 years working experience in the maintenance of computer motherboards, industrial control boards and related boards in an electronic factory。
3、Be responsible for manual welding, prototype fabrication, circuit analysis, troubleshooting of computer mainboard, automatic control equipment and its products;

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