The Company

PCB design, board making, patch and material one-stop hardware innovation platform,
shorten the customer research and development cycle, convenient and worry-saving.


We always take "the best information products in the new century" as the enterprise development tenet, and take "technology first, market first, reputation first, service first" as the business policy, and "customer demand, customer satisfaction is the enterprise." "The soul" is the business philosophy of the company, with the spirit of "integrity, dedication, enthusiasm, perseverance, perfection" as the enterprise spirit, "to create first-class service, create a century-old enterprise" as the goal, and "the talent is the company's first productivity" as the enterprise Culture, constantly improving and existing products according to market demand, continuously developing and developing new products, taking the modern enterprise operating mechanism as a guide, aggressive and hard work, and strive to become a dazzling star enterprise in the 21st century.

KML provides PCBA services for PCB Layout, PCB manufacturing,
 component procurement, Turnkey PCB, testing, assembly and delivery for customers worldwide.