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For PCB Fab Quote, send us your PCB Gerber file or PCB design file and let us know the quantity by email. And please also confirm the technical requirements of your PCB, like material, thickness, copper weight, surface finish, soldermask&silk color, impedance control(if needed), and layer stackup structure(for multi-layer boards). We normally can get you a fabrication quote in just a few hours.

If need PCB Assembly Quote, besides the PCB file, please also including the BOM list, we will quote you a full turnkey PCBA service that includes PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly and purchasing all components. For BOM list, we need EXCEL format one, it should include the basic information: Designators, Quantity, Part number, Package, Description, etc.. If not sure how to start or have some special requirements, feel free to contact us. We will surely help you to sort it out.

For PCB manufacture, the price mainly depends on the board layer, board material, board size, copper thickness, surface finish and the board quantity. And the special requirements would cost extra, like half holes, Gold fingers, micro vias, blind/buried vias, impedance control, etc. 

For PCB assembly, the price mainly depends on the board quantity, unique parts quantity, SMT parts quantity, Thru-hole parts quantity, special parts like BGAs and QFNs quantity.

For Components, the price is based on the BOM list and we ensure all components would be new & original. If some hard-to-find components cannot be provided or have long lead time, we will let you know. For some parts, if we find there are cheaper alternatives, we will send the datasheet of them for you to approve. And we will use them after get your approval.

For Functional test, it’s no problem for us to do functional test, you just need to provide us the programming software and test instructions, we will do 100% test before delivery. For the cost, you just confirm how long it takes per pcs, then we can quote the functional cost for you.